Spring At Ladybug Cottage

Yesterday was the Mother Daughter spring get together a Immanuel.  It was fun to have a daughter and granddaughter to take with me. Addison was delightful.  Sometimes little ones get impatient and want to go into fits of peak, but she was willing to go along with anything. She loved all of the fruit that was served.  And she had plenty of room to twirl! A four generation picture.  Addison, Jessica, and Mimi and baby Margret.
    It was a lot of fun and I appreciate all of the hard work that the ladies of the Women's Guild put into it. Suzan

Happy Sunday

          I have no idea where that little ditty came from but it seems to fit with this picture.  I stepped outside the other night and this was shining down on the Illinois Prairie.  The January full moon is called the wolf moon.  According to native American lore the wolves would howl out side the villages because food was short.       Sunday is a very special day for me.  We start our day by going to church.  Roger and I are Lutheran.  I love the Liturgy.  It is scripture based and so beautiful.  Today we celebrated communion and my dear friend Pam (who is my daughter-in-Love's mom) and my husband was on either side of me and I felt so close to my Heavenly Father.  After church we go out for breakfast then relax the rest of the day.       I hope every one has had a great day, Super Bowl is on right now and they are waiting out a power outage.  Sometimes things are just not in your control no matter what …

The Sewing Room

Last Summer I began making noises about wanting a sewing room.  At first I was willing to redo the garden shed and move out there.  That suggestion didn't meet with a lot of support because of the sheer
 amount of work that would be involved.  The next suggestion was the guest room, however that room was small.  So we looked around for ideas and came up with using the guest room, but Roger would make a Murphy bed.  Since this room is only used for a guest room about two nights every other year this was the perfect solution.  This is the top of the cutting table which I love.  I should be able to cut anything I need to out on it.  Yes I have my two girl friends here to watch over me.
This is the outside of the Murphy bed.  All of the wood is oak, I wanted everything to be as light as possible because the windows are pretty small.  Please note all of the pink things hanging on the handles.  These are for the princess when she arrives.
This is a bank of cabinets and drawers next to …

Some Christmas pictures from the Cottage

Good Morning Blog friends,
     I found this picture and it made me think of Roger.  He would love to have a old truck!  He spends hours looking on ebay for just the right one.  He wants it for a parade truck, he would drive and Bodie would throw the candy to all of the little kids on the street.  Of course it would have Dahlenburg Construction on it for advertisement.  Actually that is not where this blog was going but I loved the picture.
    I haven't shared a lot of pictures of my home, but I thought I would show some of it to you while it is all decked out for Christmas.
     I am starting to get a collection of pictures of Bodie with Santa.  This year he actually sat on Santa's lap.  He does not connect the idea of Santa and presents, I am sure next year that will come.  The old ornament that is made from an egg is one that Roger made when he was in at least third grade because his name is written rather then printed. It is really precious to us and I hope it lasts to b…

Merry Christmas From Ladybug Cottage

This is my family tonight at the Christmas Eve program at Immanuel Lutheran.  It was wonderful to have our whole family together in church.
     It has been a busy time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It seems that the weeks have flown by.  We had the Christmas program at school, Cookies and Hot Chocolate with Santa which is a Cannon School tradition, and the day to day happenings in a grade school.  Sandy Hook really put what we do in perspective.  Not only do we teach our children every day but we would protect them to the end.

     Two weeks ago a sweet little red doxie was found wondering through a neighborhood in town.  A really kind man who works for our school district found him.  He put out an e-mail to the district that he was trying to find his home.  Unfortunately nobody came forward to claim him so he is staying at our house.  He is incredibility sweet and he is settling in well.  In a lot of ways he reminds me of our Mike.
That puts us up to five so we are go…

A Baby Changes Everything

Yesterday I was looking at blogs and I came across one that spun me back 34 years.  It seems this blogger has just found out that a baby is on the way and it is due on July Seventh.  I thought back 34 years when I was feeling that same wondrous change in my body.  My husband and I had wanted to add a little one to our family for awhile.  I was beginning to despair of it ever happening, but a trip to the doctor proved me wrong.  When I went I remember being afraid, afraid that I was, and afraid that I wasn't.  The doctor did the exam and then asked if I would like to hear the heartbeat.  The sound seemed to me like a small bird just flapping his wings.  The tears of joy came to my eyes and I could not believe the miracle of it all.
     I tried to figure out a fun way to tell Roger it was really going to happen.  I decided to stop at Wal-Mart and buy a little outfit to hand to him when I walked in the door.  I knew in my heart and without a doubt that this baby was a little b…

Do I Have Enough Love?

That is the question that Roger asked me this morning.  We have a new little girl staying with us.
This is Miss Mia, she is three years old and a real sweethart.  She came from a home where she was love and spoiled just as doxies are suppose to be.  Unfortunately a baby came into the house and Mia had trouble sharing the attention.  This happens so many times to this breed.  We have been lucky through the years.  When we had our first Doxie he adjusted well to Rich's arrival.  Then when Rob came along it was like, ok whatever.  The rest of the Dahlenburg pack are a little unsure about this new arrival.
Lucy is the undisputed queen here at Ladybug Cottage.  She is very short on patience with Mia.  Of course Mia was the queen at her house, so the two queendom's are colliding.  So far it is a bit of a power struggle but I think they will each figure out their place.
Sweeney would really, really like it if she would just stay off my lap.  Which brings us back to Roger's …