Hi my name is Blue Boy Dahlenburg

This is my Blue Dog.  Blue came to us four years ago.  I was looking at dogs up for adoption on the DRNA web site and there was this little dog that needed a home.  I printed his picture and put on the refrigerator.  Each day I mentioned what a cute little boy he was That he had a lot of physical issues, and nobody had asked about him in the six months of foster care.  By Friday evening I had worn DH down and he said ok we could get him.  He is my side side kick and as much as I love the other three Blue is my guy.  His legs are all goofed up, his tounge always hangs out and he can be a bit of a grouch but I love dearly.

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Hello my name is Rusty Dahlenburg

I came to live with Mom and Dad from the local animal shelter.  Mom had just lost a dear
aunt and she needed me to help make her laugh again.  Rusty came to us seven years ago.  He had
been part of a group of fifty some dogs who had been dumped in a corn field on one of the coldest
days of the year.  Their is more to Rusty's story but I am getting long here.

Next time I post I will write about something other then my dogs I promise!

Hugs Suzan


  1. Blue is so cute, as are all of your fur babies. The two dachshunds in your prior post remind me of my Otis and Riley. Dogs are such a joy.

    Thank you, Suzan, for your kind thoughts on my last post. I appreciate your sweet words. Today I spent the day outside with Otis and Riley in the warm sunshine (80 degrees today). Just the therapy I needed.



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