Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi my name is Blue Boy Dahlenburg

This is my Blue Dog.  Blue came to us four years ago.  I was looking at dogs up for adoption on the DRNA web site and there was this little dog that needed a home.  I printed his picture and put on the refrigerator.  Each day I mentioned what a cute little boy he was That he had a lot of physical issues, and nobody had asked about him in the six months of foster care.  By Friday evening I had worn DH down and he said ok we could get him.  He is my side side kick and as much as I love the other three Blue is my guy.  His legs are all goofed up, his tounge always hangs out and he can be a bit of a grouch but I love dearly.

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Hello my name is Rusty Dahlenburg

I came to live with Mom and Dad from the local animal shelter.  Mom had just lost a dear
aunt and she needed me to help make her laugh again.  Rusty came to us seven years ago.  He had
been part of a group of fifty some dogs who had been dumped in a corn field on one of the coldest
days of the year.  Their is more to Rusty's story but I am getting long here.

Next time I post I will write about something other then my dogs I promise!

Hugs Suzan

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  1. Blue is so cute, as are all of your fur babies. The two dachshunds in your prior post remind me of my Otis and Riley. Dogs are such a joy.

    Thank you, Suzan, for your kind thoughts on my last post. I appreciate your sweet words. Today I spent the day outside with Otis and Riley in the warm sunshine (80 degrees today). Just the therapy I needed.