Welcome to Ladybug Cottage.  My name is Suzan and these are two of my side kicks.  Lucy is in the pink collar, she came to live with us last summer.  She is a rescue that her previous owners said was a "bad dog".  We have not been able figure out what was bad about her.  Sweeney is the other fur baby.  in this picture.  He came to us in September.  We were suppose to foster him until a forever home was found.  I just could not let him go so my Husband gave him to me for my birthday.
     I have been reading blogs for two years, but I have just decided that I would give this a try.  I live on the prairie in Illinois, where it is very windy and cold at times.  My home is my haven, and when my day is done this is where I head.  During the summer I love to garden, and during the winter I love to read.  I am hoping to retire soon and when that happens I have about a million projects I want to tackle.
     Tomorrow I will introduce you to Blue and Rusty the other two rescues that live here.


  1. Welcome to blogland!! I am proud to be your first follower. I love your ladybug background. My favorites red and green.

    1. Elaine I am so glad to welcome you to Ladybug Cottage. Your blog is one of the first I read every day!


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