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Coffee Station
       Every morning I crawl out of bed between 5:30 and 6:00 depending how long I can stand the barking.  Usually it is five thirty though, I  let the dogs out then stumble to the kitchen to make the coffee.  Coffee and I have a long past.  I am not really sure when I started drinking it.  It was most likely in first grade.  Mom would cut it half water and half coffee.Don't think badly of her she was a good Mom for the most part.  I remember never wanting to spend the night with friends because I knew most kids didn't drink coffee.  And most parents would not think about offering it to a kid.  If I did not drink the coffee I would have the headache from, well you know where.  Now days I am cutting way back on it, but not out.  Never out.  The coffee mugs are new from Wal-Mart and the jar the coffee is in is an antique.  It belonged to my husband's great grandfather Langford.  He had general store in Gainsville GA.  It held penny candy on the counter.  Every time I here that story I think about Grandma Lucy being a little girl in long skirts, trying to talk her dad out of a piece of stick candy.  I truly love anything that has a history like that.  Of course the little basket is Longerberger one of my guilty pleasures.
Hope every one is having a sunny Sunday
Hugs Suzan


  1. Coffee makes me happy and I started drinking it at a young age too. Now I couldn't live without it. Love those bright red mugs and the antique jar.


  2. My coffee addiction didn't start until college. Coffee makes me Happy! Love the story about the antique jar.

  3. You are so funny. Your addiction kept you from sleep overs. I started drinking it my freshman year in college. 7:30 am macro economics required something to stay awake. I agree..nectar for sure!!

  4. Oh you made me smile. I love my coffee. I actually starting drinking it in high school, and have never stopped. I did discover the flavored coffees and found I love them. And it is much cheaper to make your own at home instead of the local coffee shoppe! I mix half mocha chocolate and half french vanilla and that is my morning coffee. Mmmmm. Like hot chocolate and coffee together. But there is nothing like the smell of coffee brewing, so some days I still make a pot in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up. Thanks for visiting and commenting, I am so glad you are enjoying it!!

  5. Hey, I don't drink ANY alchol and I don't smoke or cuss so nobody better take my coffee away from me! ;)

    How fun to have that old candy jar! What a tresure.


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