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Hello everyone,
     I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.  I am trying to get better at this!  Above is a picture I took of our home this afternoon.  We have lived here for thirty one years.  We moved  here when our first son Rich was about eighteen months old.  Five months later our second son Rob was born so this has been home for a really long time.  We are approximately ten miles from the city limits of our small town.  This was a huge adjustment for me as I have always lived in town.  We have done a lot of work on the house through the years.  When we moved in their were only three huge old tree in the yard.  They were in really bad shape so we had to have them taken down.  We started planting trees right away and we have mature oaks now.  My husband isn't much of a Gardner so except for lawn care I am in charge of the flower beds.  I have always had grand ideas about having a magazine perfect yard, but as I get older I know that that is an imposable thought.  Now the beds are just what I can care for.  It has been beautiful here this spring.  Unlike anything I have ever seen here in Illinois.  Before we moved here we lived in a small town in Northwest Alabama.  This has been a spring like they have there.  I have had that little town on my mind a lot and maybe God wanted to give me a little reminder of what I loved so much about living there.

    I participated in an Easter blog swap and I got these really nice things from my swap partner Treasa.
Thanks so much I love, love, love all of it.  The little card you made is adorable.
Hope everyone is having great spring weather
From Ladybug Cottage


  1. Your tulips looks so pretty! And what a cute Lady Bug Cottage. :)


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