Spring Break

Good Morning everyone!
    I am up early to enjoy another glorious spring break day.  The weather here is amazing and my fingers are really beginning to garden itch.  I have been doing some badly needed projects this week.  Yesterday I caught up on my ironing.  Does anyone else still iron?  My sister tells me that when I retire the iron will be the frirs thing to go.  I wear to much cotton for that I think.

I also spent some quality time cleaning my little yellow car out.  I do not understand how I can get it so messy.  This was a gift from my husband when I graduated from collage.  He wanted me to get a Beemer but this was what I wanted.  I think it says a lot about me.  Anyway I have had it for twelve years and I still love it.


  1. Love your yellow beetle. I drove a mustard yellow 1969 Ghia for years! Just sold it a few months back. And yes, I still iron. In fact, it is sort of a restful activity. Mostly, I iron when I sew, but I still love a freshly ironed shirt. In fact, I just bought a new iron that I love. Happy Spring! Thanks for leaving a comment on my post.

  2. Hi Suzann, I popped over here from Sunny Simple Life and I love your little cottage and the title of your blog. It is kind of hard to get in the swing of blogging but once you get used to it then it just becomes a natural part of your week. Look forward to hearing more about you and your cottage life. Patty


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