Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello From Salt Lake City

Another night another KOA
Hello everyone.  We arrived in Salt Lake City a little after lunch today.  Checked in at the campground and headed to Temple Square. Just a little disclaimer here.  I am not a Latter Day Saint, however their history is very interesting.  I have wanted to come here for a very long time and look around.
The Pull Cart Statue
Can you imagine coming across the country with all of your worldly belongings in this thing.  The wagon with the  ox would be bad enough.  The guide in the museum said the pull carts were really faster.  I guess the oxen were a bit of a pain.  But of course you could eat them if you had to.

The early settlers used wagons to haul granite forty miles to build the Temple.  A lot of love went into this beautiful building.  Of course we could not go in side but the had a beautiful replclia of the inside of it.  It was very, very interesting.
     The whole afternoon was wonderful! There were lots of young girls who were on their missions to give us tours, and try to convert us.  They were all very sweet and full of information.  Actually they might be able to convert me if it wasn't for that Trinity thing.
    When we were returning to the campground we noticed a lot of smoke to the south.  Our van driver said that a  wild fire had just started.  As of right now I think six homes have burned. It is so hot and dry here but  from what I here it is the same at home.
Just one more picture, the grounds of Temple Square was so pretty!  So much love and work goes into their grounds.  I think it shows a love of God that we could all take a lesson from.
     I am not sure where we will stop tomorrow night.  We are going to get on I 80 and head east.  The journey is almost over.  I have to admit I am ready to get home, I just wish that we still had Blue.
Hope all is well with you
Hugs Suzan

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 19

Hello everyone long time no blog.  We spent our week in Detroit lake Oregon, the lake was beautiful, the mountains were gorgeous, but covered in a cold rainy fog.  I am pretty sure it never got above 60 degrees all week.  The doxies stayed under blankets and Rusty developed a new appreciation for a warm blanket. 

Trying to stay warm
     We got to spend quality time with family.

Aunt Carol and Uncle Hack
We ate a lot. We never got to the fish fry but everything else was great!  Mostly we just had a good time.  After we put up with the rain for five days we called it quits and left.  Roger and I went back to Goldendale to see if there had been a Blue sighting.  Alas no luck.  I truly believe that someone has him.  This makes me very sad.
Hope everyone is well.
Hugs from the road
Suzan and Roger

Roger and Uncle Hack having breakfast.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We have lost Blue

     We arrived in Goldendale WA.  on Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning Blue wondered away from my sister's home.  We searched for two days walking more miles through wooded areas then I thought possible.  Absolutly no luck.  There was no sign of him at all.  I put an add in the local paper and we put up posters in the area.  This morning we had to leave Goldendale for the camping trip we have had planned for a year.  This was truly one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I think someone picked him up.  I just hope there concious gets the better of them and they call us.  I know this is much different then my past blogs but I hope all of you who read this will send good thoughts out to Blue.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Timber Mt.

    We crossed in to Montana close to lunch time.  Today was spent putting in miles.  We hope to be at my sister's in Washington by Monday.  That will give us some time to visit before we all head into Oregon for our camping trip.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. 
     While we were still in Wyoming we got a glimpse of the Big Horn Mountains
Since we opted out of going to Yellowstone this time we did not cross over them.  We who live in the midwest don't have the opportunity to see something as rugged and snow covered as these mountains.   Just before we stopped for the night we caught sight of another mountain range with snow on them. 
     We stopped for a potty break and at the rest park we saw this sign.
Believe me I stayed on the side walks.  Yuck Snakes!

Tomorrow will be another day of driving.  We hope to get the rest of way across Montana and maybe Idaho.  Beautiful amazing country!
Roger and Suzan
Somewhere in America

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello from Devils Tower

Day Seven
Sorry that I did not post yesterday.  Our day started early and ended late!  Our first stop was the Badlands.  This was the third time I have been here and I am still amazed and awed at the stark beauty of this place.  We were hoping to see more wildlife but it was not to be.  Most likely a good thing considering how the Doxies reacted to the buffalo today.

These pictures do not do it justice.  Wish I had a camara like yours Rich!
We did see this guy hanging from a ledge.  Pretty neat to see.  Just the humans saw them.

     After the Badlands we went to Wall Drug for a shopping "experience".  This place is a hoot and should never be missed.  We didn't stay long but we took a few pictures.

Then we moved on to other sights.  We spent the night here.  This is a beautiful Koa but it was was pretty much wasted on us.  Had we had kids along they would have loved it.  Our next stop was Crazy Horse Monument.  Roger was pretty amazed at how much it had changed in 28 years.  We think it will be at least 100 more years before they finish it.  They have done a lot of work on the out building and the museum.  We watched a really cool (seems like I am using that word a lot) laser light show.  Of course there were some really nice shops and I found some cowgirl boots that I thought I needed.
Roger didn't really think so. Don't you think I would look stylin in pink and brown cowgirl boots?
    Next stop for the day was Mount Rushmore.  Third time here too and it is still every bit as breath taking as it was the first time I say it.
    They have made a lot of changes here too since we brought the guys here 28 years ago.  The Avenue of flags is so awesome, and the walking trail around the amphitheater is really nice.  You get a good view of each of the presidents.  The lighting for this park was done by a dear friend of ours and it was fun to see his work.
     We finally called it a day at about 10:30.  I was bone weary tired.  In case anyone is wondering We checked into our campground before lunch and settled the Doxies in the air conditioned camper before we went sight seeing.

     This morning we once again got started about 8:30.  Eight years ago when I made this trip with my sister and my niece we made a trip through Custer State park.  I always wanted to come back with Roger.  Today we made the trip.  The first park is a wildlife loop.  We saw lots of interesting critters

These critters caused a major ruckus in the back.   Lucy was absolutely beside herself with excitement.  After the wildlife loop and things calmed down we drove the most interesting road I have ever been on.  The number on it was sixteen A.  It was windy and narrow and just plain interesting.   Several places we could see Mount Rushmore.  It was about three miles away.  Just all around beautiful countryside.  I look at all of this beauty that we have been given as Americans and I thank my Maker for all of his goodness.  I hope everyone takes the time to make a trip like this .
This is where we are tonight.  Devil's Tower.
    I hope this wasn't to long.
Roger and Suzan from somewhere in America

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Belvidere SD

Wednesday  Night
Wow the end of day five on the road.  Today was filled with fun things, like a trip to Wal-Mart and Menards.
We left Sioux Falls Sd at 8:30 headed to Mitchell SD.Mitchell is home of the Corn Palace.

Corn Palace Mitchell SD
The Corn Palace is a one of a kind place.Each year a new decorating theme is chosen and the outside is completly redone.
It is decorated with new corn rye, oat heads and sour dock.  This provides summer jobs for some of the youth of Mitchell.
Just two crazy kids on vacation
sorry that bus just pulled right in the way!
After heading out from there we have crossed into Mountain Time which means we will be totally goofed up from here on out.  The country side here is rolling and green. There are lots of bluffs and many, many small lakes.  As we crossed the Missouri River this morning we once again marveled at how brave the settlers were.

The Driver working on tomorrows travels
Tommorrow we are headed to the Badlands, Wall Drug, and Mount Rushmore.

Hay Jessica this is how you can travel with Ellie .  This picture was just for you.

Time to call it a night!  Everyone here is totally disturbing the campground so we are going to take them in.
On the road from somewhere in America
Suzan and Roger

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day Full of Driving

     We left Amana Iowa this morning at 8:30. Iowa is a beautiful state, with a lot of rolling farm land.  We crossed into southern Minnisota around one PM.  Lots of windmills along I 90.  There is also a lot of winding creeks through the farm lands. I think it was  a too big a day for all of us, eight hours was too long.  Blue spent most of the day on my lap, he was mad at Rusty about something and they were trying to fight.  You know it was a lot like traveling with kids.
     We have stopped for the night in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  Roger and I are both ready to call it a night. 

Somewhere in America
Roger and Suzan


Monday, June 11, 2012

Still In Amana Iowa

Dinner at the campground
     It has been busy day here in the camper.  Yesterday afternoon Rusty started coughing and hacking like he had croup.  This morning Sweeney started it so we found a vet and went for a visit.  We have two kind of medicine but we have not heard any more coughing.
    This afternoon we went to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  It was really interesting.  Tomorrow we are going to head to Mitchell South Dakota to see the Corn Palace.  One of those places that is really hooky but fun to see.  A lot like Wall Drug.
Good Night
Time to call it a day we are going to settle in and watch a movie.
Hugs from on the road

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Journey Begins

The Driver
Lucy the co-driver

Rusty backseat driver one
Sweeney backseat driver two
Blue backseat driver three
     We are off !  This journey has been a year in the works.  We have had a few bumps in the road the last few weeks but they have been smoothed out.  We left early yesterday morning, our destination was Stone City Iowa where we visited with some dear old friends.  They are not old, but you know what I mean.   We had a great time catching up on each other's families.  They have a beautiful home,
Ken and Barb

with a huge peaceful yard!  I saw five different species of birds off their back deck.They have a beautiful pond with lots of fish and frogs.
     After disturbing their peaceful world with our four dogs we headed to Amana Iowa this morning.  We have been here before so we wanted to stock up on some wine and mustard that Roger really likes. 
     We had a great dinner here, the food is served family style and is delicious.  After dinner we walked around for a few minutes and looked at the flowers.  This is such a sweet little town and has a lot of history.  The early citizens of the Amana Colonies came from Germany to form a Utopia.  To find out more about this really cool place look it up here  


Well it is time to call it a night, hopefully everyone will sleep tonight.
Hugs to all
Ladybug Cottage on the road