Big Timber Mt.

    We crossed in to Montana close to lunch time.  Today was spent putting in miles.  We hope to be at my sister's in Washington by Monday.  That will give us some time to visit before we all head into Oregon for our camping trip.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. 
     While we were still in Wyoming we got a glimpse of the Big Horn Mountains
Since we opted out of going to Yellowstone this time we did not cross over them.  We who live in the midwest don't have the opportunity to see something as rugged and snow covered as these mountains.   Just before we stopped for the night we caught sight of another mountain range with snow on them. 
     We stopped for a potty break and at the rest park we saw this sign.
Believe me I stayed on the side walks.  Yuck Snakes!

Tomorrow will be another day of driving.  We hope to get the rest of way across Montana and maybe Idaho.  Beautiful amazing country!
Roger and Suzan
Somewhere in America


  1. That is some beautiful country. We are headed to OR too in a couple of weeks to visit family.


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