Roger and I bought this a couple of years ago to enjoy in our retirement.  We decided to buy it after a rather uncomfortable trip in our full size van.We thought we could go back to the good old days when two adults and two very small children road cross country and camped in a van.  Well we are older and it did not work so well.  The bed in the van had a metal bar that ran right down the middle of the bed.  One night we settled in and Roger says maybe it will be more comfortable if we sleep the other way,so we changed. No it was not more comfortable.  Maybe it will be more comfortable if we sleep perpendicular ah no.  After three times changing sleeping positions we gave up.  The next night we stayed in a Holiday Inn, with a king size bed.
     So we started looking for campers.  We had a few requirements, one it had to have a queen size bed.  This is advertised as a queen size, believe me when you have to humans and three doxies in this bed it is not queen size!

    Second it had to have a real bathroom.  Not one that you stood in the toilet to take a shower!   I positioned this so you didn't get all of the graphic details.  Other then that we were pretty open about the layout.
    We have had a bit of a cancer scare here but once we are clear on that Roger and I are going to hit the road for a little while.  Rich is going to come out and take care of the house and the cat.  Roger and I want to enjoy this time in our lives so here we go!

Hugs from Ladybug Cottage


  1. Nice trailer there. We love to take ours out but I dream of a major road trip like yours. Some day. This year it will only be for weekends as we are headed to OR to stay with family and that will be our major trip.


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