Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 19

Hello everyone long time no blog.  We spent our week in Detroit lake Oregon, the lake was beautiful, the mountains were gorgeous, but covered in a cold rainy fog.  I am pretty sure it never got above 60 degrees all week.  The doxies stayed under blankets and Rusty developed a new appreciation for a warm blanket. 

Trying to stay warm
     We got to spend quality time with family.

Aunt Carol and Uncle Hack
We ate a lot. We never got to the fish fry but everything else was great!  Mostly we just had a good time.  After we put up with the rain for five days we called it quits and left.  Roger and I went back to Goldendale to see if there had been a Blue sighting.  Alas no luck.  I truly believe that someone has him.  This makes me very sad.
Hope everyone is well.
Hugs from the road
Suzan and Roger

Roger and Uncle Hack having breakfast.

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