A Day Full of Driving

     We left Amana Iowa this morning at 8:30. Iowa is a beautiful state, with a lot of rolling farm land.  We crossed into southern Minnisota around one PM.  Lots of windmills along I 90.  There is also a lot of winding creeks through the farm lands. I think it was  a too big a day for all of us, eight hours was too long.  Blue spent most of the day on my lap, he was mad at Rusty about something and they were trying to fight.  You know it was a lot like traveling with kids.
     We have stopped for the night in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  Roger and I are both ready to call it a night. 

Somewhere in America
Roger and Suzan



  1. Hey look at those babies all ready to hit the road. We love to take our little chihuahua when we go and she loves our trailer.


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