Hello from Devils Tower

Day Seven
Sorry that I did not post yesterday.  Our day started early and ended late!  Our first stop was the Badlands.  This was the third time I have been here and I am still amazed and awed at the stark beauty of this place.  We were hoping to see more wildlife but it was not to be.  Most likely a good thing considering how the Doxies reacted to the buffalo today.

These pictures do not do it justice.  Wish I had a camara like yours Rich!
We did see this guy hanging from a ledge.  Pretty neat to see.  Just the humans saw them.

     After the Badlands we went to Wall Drug for a shopping "experience".  This place is a hoot and should never be missed.  We didn't stay long but we took a few pictures.

Then we moved on to other sights.  We spent the night here.  This is a beautiful Koa but it was was pretty much wasted on us.  Had we had kids along they would have loved it.  Our next stop was Crazy Horse Monument.  Roger was pretty amazed at how much it had changed in 28 years.  We think it will be at least 100 more years before they finish it.  They have done a lot of work on the out building and the museum.  We watched a really cool (seems like I am using that word a lot) laser light show.  Of course there were some really nice shops and I found some cowgirl boots that I thought I needed.
Roger didn't really think so. Don't you think I would look stylin in pink and brown cowgirl boots?
    Next stop for the day was Mount Rushmore.  Third time here too and it is still every bit as breath taking as it was the first time I say it.
    They have made a lot of changes here too since we brought the guys here 28 years ago.  The Avenue of flags is so awesome, and the walking trail around the amphitheater is really nice.  You get a good view of each of the presidents.  The lighting for this park was done by a dear friend of ours and it was fun to see his work.
     We finally called it a day at about 10:30.  I was bone weary tired.  In case anyone is wondering We checked into our campground before lunch and settled the Doxies in the air conditioned camper before we went sight seeing.

     This morning we once again got started about 8:30.  Eight years ago when I made this trip with my sister and my niece we made a trip through Custer State park.  I always wanted to come back with Roger.  Today we made the trip.  The first park is a wildlife loop.  We saw lots of interesting critters

These critters caused a major ruckus in the back.   Lucy was absolutely beside herself with excitement.  After the wildlife loop and things calmed down we drove the most interesting road I have ever been on.  The number on it was sixteen A.  It was windy and narrow and just plain interesting.   Several places we could see Mount Rushmore.  It was about three miles away.  Just all around beautiful countryside.  I look at all of this beauty that we have been given as Americans and I thank my Maker for all of his goodness.  I hope everyone takes the time to make a trip like this .
This is where we are tonight.  Devil's Tower.
    I hope this wasn't to long.
Roger and Suzan from somewhere in America


  1. I would have thought crazy horse would be more complete too. I haven't been since the 80s and it is really just the face done. Maybe it is a lack of funding.


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