Hello From Salt Lake City

Another night another KOA
Hello everyone.  We arrived in Salt Lake City a little after lunch today.  Checked in at the campground and headed to Temple Square. Just a little disclaimer here.  I am not a Latter Day Saint, however their history is very interesting.  I have wanted to come here for a very long time and look around.
The Pull Cart Statue
Can you imagine coming across the country with all of your worldly belongings in this thing.  The wagon with the  ox would be bad enough.  The guide in the museum said the pull carts were really faster.  I guess the oxen were a bit of a pain.  But of course you could eat them if you had to.

The early settlers used wagons to haul granite forty miles to build the Temple.  A lot of love went into this beautiful building.  Of course we could not go in side but the had a beautiful replclia of the inside of it.  It was very, very interesting.
     The whole afternoon was wonderful! There were lots of young girls who were on their missions to give us tours, and try to convert us.  They were all very sweet and full of information.  Actually they might be able to convert me if it wasn't for that Trinity thing.
    When we were returning to the campground we noticed a lot of smoke to the south.  Our van driver said that a  wild fire had just started.  As of right now I think six homes have burned. It is so hot and dry here but  from what I here it is the same at home.
Just one more picture, the grounds of Temple Square was so pretty!  So much love and work goes into their grounds.  I think it shows a love of God that we could all take a lesson from.
     I am not sure where we will stop tomorrow night.  We are going to get on I 80 and head east.  The journey is almost over.  I have to admit I am ready to get home, I just wish that we still had Blue.
Hope all is well with you
Hugs Suzan


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