The Journey Begins

The Driver
Lucy the co-driver

Rusty backseat driver one
Sweeney backseat driver two
Blue backseat driver three
     We are off !  This journey has been a year in the works.  We have had a few bumps in the road the last few weeks but they have been smoothed out.  We left early yesterday morning, our destination was Stone City Iowa where we visited with some dear old friends.  They are not old, but you know what I mean.   We had a great time catching up on each other's families.  They have a beautiful home,
Ken and Barb

with a huge peaceful yard!  I saw five different species of birds off their back deck.They have a beautiful pond with lots of fish and frogs.
     After disturbing their peaceful world with our four dogs we headed to Amana Iowa this morning.  We have been here before so we wanted to stock up on some wine and mustard that Roger really likes. 
     We had a great dinner here, the food is served family style and is delicious.  After dinner we walked around for a few minutes and looked at the flowers.  This is such a sweet little town and has a lot of history.  The early citizens of the Amana Colonies came from Germany to form a Utopia.  To find out more about this really cool place look it up here  


Well it is time to call it a night, hopefully everyone will sleep tonight.
Hugs to all
Ladybug Cottage on the road


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