Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where I Create

     Good Morning,
     There is a really beautiful blog that I love to visit called My Desert Cottage.  Right now she has a link going on for bloggers to show where they create.  Blogland has some  amazingly creative people.  This is one of my creative spaces.  This room is also used as an office for my husband's contracting company.  So I am only allowed about 50% of the space.  He will tell you that I am using 90% but that is just not true LOL.  last winter when I asked him to add on a room for my sewing this was his solution.  We have counter space along one wall with cabinets over the space.
I have Dollar Tree (I love that store) baskets that hold ribbons, buttons, just general sewing stuff.  The shoe laces hanging out of the basket above I have a special use for.  I will show you in a later blog.
This is a big table that I use for working on my photo albums.  I also use it for my small ironing board.  It is great to have it handy for small pressing jobs (hubby would prefer this table be empty, not happening).  Please ignore the bumper sticker on the light.  It was a gift, but I really did not think it should go on my beetle.
It would appear that this guy is going to become my new side kick.  Sweeney follows me everywhere.  This is his favorite spot when I am in the sewing room.  He is just like Yogi at Aunt Polly's Porch.  He sleeps really well to the hum of the sewing machine.
This is the other place that I create.  It is a garden shed that hubby built a few years ago.  This is a working shed.  I finally got it all cleaned out and this is what I have been doing.  At school we have a place where things get put that nobody wants.  I found this stool down there and brought it home and gave it a little love.  Sorry I don't have a before, I love the red paint which will match the rocker at school.
I added a little Mary E to it and it turned out so cute!  I have several other pieces that are painted but I haven't finished yet.  It turned hot and humid again so we have been hibernating in the house.
This is what I am working on right now.  When I get it finished I will share it with you.
Hugs from Ladybug Cottage

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple Sunday

     Rich had his 33rd birthday yesterday.  We celebrated today with a family dinner and ice cream and cake.  When the boys were little we always had a family party.  All grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins came to celebrate.  Rob's birthday is on the 20th so we had a big blow out party for them on the Fourth.  When they were really little I think they thought all of the fireworks were just for them.  One of our traditions was to make home made ice cream.  After they got older we stopped doing this because another little one joined the family and he was born on the Fourth.  We turned the holiday over to his mom and dad.  As the family has gotten bigger we have less big family get togathers, but now that we have Bodie we are back to doing these fun things again. 
This is Bodie watching Papa make the ice cream.  Bodie is very intriged with the process.  So is Jess, she is learning how to do this.  Roger did not like this picture. 
    Papa is this really good stuff.  I can hardly wait to taste it!
Oh papa this is delicious can we make it again really soon! 

     In other news, Papa decided that Bodie needed a car.  We found this yesterday at a yardsale for five dollars.  He thought he was hot stuff, but he wanted one of us to push him in it.  Gosh this grandparenting thing is fun.
     Sorry about all of the grandchild pictures.  I will post about something else tomorrow!
Hugs from ladybug cottage

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello Everyone, I hope wherever you are it is nice and cool.Yesterday when I was putting fuel in my car the thermometer across the road said it was 106 that is just crazy hot as far as I am concerned!
     While we were off on our journey west(sure glad we could do it in a truck rather then one of those awful pull carts) I talked Roger into stopping at a few quilt shops.  My favorite one is in Sisters Oregon.  It has amazing stuff and a bench for husbands to sit on and visit.  When you go in there you immediately go into fabric overload.  It is really hard to decide what you want.  However one thing really stood out to me it was this quilt that had already been made up for display.  I talked two ladies into holding it up for me so that I could take this picture.
     This picture really does not do it justice.  The center piece says a Friend is a gift you give yourself.  How true is that.  Really the theme of it is a tea party and whoever made this put tea cups in the border.  As luck would have it I happen to have the center piece and some of the fabric.  I believe a trip to e-bay may be in order.  I would love to make one to hang in the library at school.
This is the backing fabric.  It was just adorable and with my love of all things Mary it was hard to leave behind.  However now I have the challenge of making one myself!
    This brings me to a discussion that my sister and I had about quilts and "real quilting".  She is of the mindset that if it is not hand quilted it is not a quilt.  I disagree with that.  If someone has expended  time and talent to make a quilt it really does not matter if it is hand quilted or not.  I would love to have the time to set up an old fashioned quilt frame in front of the fire and go for it.  Unfortunately that is not a choice for me.  It does not mean that any less love or attention has gone into it.
     Always remember that "Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of Love"
Hugs to everyone
Ladybug Cottage

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watering,Watering, Watering

It is hot and dry here at Ladybug Cottage.  In fact I have not even seen a ladybug since we got home.  All of the flower beds and the vegetable garden was looking OK but not great.  Rich watered for us a lot but with no rain it was still pretty sad.  We are suppose to have a break in the weather over the weekend, but until the we have to endure 100plus degrees for the next three days.
     I wish that I could say I have a wonderful green thumb, like my sister has unfortunately that is not the case.  I think some of this needs to be dug up and spread out.  The summer flox look like they are dying from the bottom and the rose bushes look pretty bad.  I am going to tackle some of this when it gets cooler.
Also I have to remember that just about everything grows better in the Pacific Northwest.  Have You ever noticed that the beautiful gardens in magazines are almost always in Washington or Oregon.  Just saying!
This looks pretty good except for the sucker coming up out of this half dead climbing rose bush.  Granny(AKA Janiece) could you give me some advice on this.
Funny how when your rear end is plastered to a truck seat for eight or nine hours you can think of all kinds of projects that you would like to do.  This happened to me last week, I was thinking about this cute but disgraceful little green shed in the back yard.  This is suppose to be my potting shed, but some how it has become mostly storage for junk.  I am going to clean this baby out and find a better use for it.  Maybe sometime soon I will show you the inside but for right now I thought the outside was enough to give you a heart palpation's.  It is not finished on the inside, humm something to work on.
     It is time to go and start some of those projects
Hugs from Ladybug Cottage

Monday, July 2, 2012

There Is No Place Like Home

Home At Last!
        We got home about 6:30 and home was a welcome sight!
The trip was wonderful and we had a great time visiting with family.

Uncle Don the cook
    We ate lots of good food which Uncle Don cooked.
Soto was very happy to see us leave!  To much activity from the Doxies and Rusty just did not look like he could be trusted not to take her chair.

Granny and her Slave
 We enjoyed Aunt Janiece's flowers and just generally had a great time.  But it is really good to be home.  Tomorrow I will get to see this guy.
   Hugs to everyone
Suzan and Roger

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 22 I think

Just look at all this firewood
Sorry I did not post last night.  We had spent a long day of driving then we had a lot of trouble finding a place to set up for the night.  We were beginning to think that we were going to have to try the Wal-mart parking lot.  I see a lot of people doing that in Danville and I have always wondered how that works for them.  I thought for sure I was going to find out last night. 
     Today was another long day.  We left Cheyenne at 8:30 this morning and headed to Omaha,it is a long treck across Nebraska.  There were a lot of cool mesumes but neither of us wanted to stop.  I think after 22 days we have had just about all the fun we can stand.  Wow it is hot here!  It is very hard to believe that this time last week we were freezing our rear ends off and trying to stay dry.
I have to admit I was disappointed that Roger did not get a good view of Detroit Lake. And neither did any of you!  Anyway with any luck we will be home tomorrow night.  the dogs will all be happy to get out of this camper and Roger and I will be happy to be back in our king size bed.
So for one last night from the road Good night and thanks for following along!
Roger and Suzan
PS still no sign of Blue
rainbow trout fresh from Detroit lake

Nothing like a little rain to make camping fun!