Hello Everyone, I hope wherever you are it is nice and cool.Yesterday when I was putting fuel in my car the thermometer across the road said it was 106 that is just crazy hot as far as I am concerned!
     While we were off on our journey west(sure glad we could do it in a truck rather then one of those awful pull carts) I talked Roger into stopping at a few quilt shops.  My favorite one is in Sisters Oregon.  It has amazing stuff and a bench for husbands to sit on and visit.  When you go in there you immediately go into fabric overload.  It is really hard to decide what you want.  However one thing really stood out to me it was this quilt that had already been made up for display.  I talked two ladies into holding it up for me so that I could take this picture.
     This picture really does not do it justice.  The center piece says a Friend is a gift you give yourself.  How true is that.  Really the theme of it is a tea party and whoever made this put tea cups in the border.  As luck would have it I happen to have the center piece and some of the fabric.  I believe a trip to e-bay may be in order.  I would love to make one to hang in the library at school.
This is the backing fabric.  It was just adorable and with my love of all things Mary it was hard to leave behind.  However now I have the challenge of making one myself!
    This brings me to a discussion that my sister and I had about quilts and "real quilting".  She is of the mindset that if it is not hand quilted it is not a quilt.  I disagree with that.  If someone has expended  time and talent to make a quilt it really does not matter if it is hand quilted or not.  I would love to have the time to set up an old fashioned quilt frame in front of the fire and go for it.  Unfortunately that is not a choice for me.  It does not mean that any less love or attention has gone into it.
     Always remember that "Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of Love"
Hugs to everyone
Ladybug Cottage


  1. I sure hope ou find Blue soon... Or if not, that whoever has Blue takes good care of him!

  2. I love quilts, too. Love the quote about sleeping under a blanket of love! jean


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