Simple Sunday

     Rich had his 33rd birthday yesterday.  We celebrated today with a family dinner and ice cream and cake.  When the boys were little we always had a family party.  All grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins came to celebrate.  Rob's birthday is on the 20th so we had a big blow out party for them on the Fourth.  When they were really little I think they thought all of the fireworks were just for them.  One of our traditions was to make home made ice cream.  After they got older we stopped doing this because another little one joined the family and he was born on the Fourth.  We turned the holiday over to his mom and dad.  As the family has gotten bigger we have less big family get togathers, but now that we have Bodie we are back to doing these fun things again. 
This is Bodie watching Papa make the ice cream.  Bodie is very intriged with the process.  So is Jess, she is learning how to do this.  Roger did not like this picture. 
    Papa is this really good stuff.  I can hardly wait to taste it!
Oh papa this is delicious can we make it again really soon! 

     In other news, Papa decided that Bodie needed a car.  We found this yesterday at a yardsale for five dollars.  He thought he was hot stuff, but he wanted one of us to push him in it.  Gosh this grandparenting thing is fun.
     Sorry about all of the grandchild pictures.  I will post about something else tomorrow!
Hugs from ladybug cottage


  1. Hi Suzan, Thanks for visiting Ravenhill Cottage.

    Your grandson is very cute so no apologies needed for showing pictures of him. :o)

  2. Aren't those simple celebrations with family the best? I love the cozy coupe cars. We have had one or more in our garage for over twenty years now. They are a classic.


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