Watering,Watering, Watering

It is hot and dry here at Ladybug Cottage.  In fact I have not even seen a ladybug since we got home.  All of the flower beds and the vegetable garden was looking OK but not great.  Rich watered for us a lot but with no rain it was still pretty sad.  We are suppose to have a break in the weather over the weekend, but until the we have to endure 100plus degrees for the next three days.
     I wish that I could say I have a wonderful green thumb, like my sister has unfortunately that is not the case.  I think some of this needs to be dug up and spread out.  The summer flox look like they are dying from the bottom and the rose bushes look pretty bad.  I am going to tackle some of this when it gets cooler.
Also I have to remember that just about everything grows better in the Pacific Northwest.  Have You ever noticed that the beautiful gardens in magazines are almost always in Washington or Oregon.  Just saying!
This looks pretty good except for the sucker coming up out of this half dead climbing rose bush.  Granny(AKA Janiece) could you give me some advice on this.
Funny how when your rear end is plastered to a truck seat for eight or nine hours you can think of all kinds of projects that you would like to do.  This happened to me last week, I was thinking about this cute but disgraceful little green shed in the back yard.  This is suppose to be my potting shed, but some how it has become mostly storage for junk.  I am going to clean this baby out and find a better use for it.  Maybe sometime soon I will show you the inside but for right now I thought the outside was enough to give you a heart palpation's.  It is not finished on the inside, humm something to work on.
     It is time to go and start some of those projects
Hugs from Ladybug Cottage


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