Do I Have Enough Love?

     That is the question that Roger asked me this morning.  We have a new little girl staying with us.
This is Miss Mia, she is three years old and a real sweethart.  She came from a home where she was love and spoiled just as doxies are suppose to be.  Unfortunately a baby came into the house and Mia had trouble sharing the attention.  This happens so many times to this breed.  We have been lucky through the years.  When we had our first Doxie he adjusted well to Rich's arrival.  Then when Rob came along it was like, ok whatever.  The rest of the Dahlenburg pack are a little unsure about this new arrival.
Lucy is the undisputed queen here at Ladybug Cottage.  She is very short on patience with Mia.  Of course Mia was the queen at her house, so the two queendom's are colliding.  So far it is a bit of a power struggle but I think they will each figure out their place.
Sweeney would really, really like it if she would just stay off my lap.  Which brings us back to Roger's question.  Yes I have enough love to go around.  I have enough love for ten dogs, but is that best for the dog.  I think Miss Mia will be happier in a home where she will be the queen again.  She is a wonderful little girl and I hope that DRNA will find that home for her.
     Yes I am going to do my best to be a great foster mom, and when Lois finds just the right home for her I will kiss her good bye and be happy for her.
Ladybug Cottage


  1. She is lucky to be in your loving home and lap!

  2. they are all so cute! I see you have a love for dogs like me!


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