A Baby Changes Everything

     Yesterday I was looking at blogs and I came across one that spun me back 34 years.  It seems this blogger has just found out that a baby is on the way and it is due on July Seventh.  I thought back 34 years when I was feeling that same wondrous change in my body.  My husband and I had wanted to add a little one to our family for awhile.  I was beginning to despair of it ever happening, but a trip to the doctor proved me wrong.  When I went I remember being afraid, afraid that I was, and afraid that I wasn't.  The doctor did the exam and then asked if I would like to hear the heartbeat.  The sound seemed to me like a small bird just flapping his wings.  The tears of joy came to my eyes and I could not believe the miracle of it all.
     I tried to figure out a fun way to tell Roger it was really going to happen.  I decided to stop at Wal-Mart and buy a little outfit to hand to him when I walked in the door.  I knew in my heart and without a doubt that this baby was a little boy.  Wal-Mart didn't have much to choose from, but I found a cute little red and navy onesie (of course they did not call them that then).  That was my first inkling that little boy clothes were a little harder to find then little girl clothes.  Roger and I celebrated that night and began to share our news with our family and friends.
     My first encounter with someone was at the pharmacy when I had the prescription for prenatal vitamins filled.  Then I went down the street to the department store where I had worked for awhile.   There was a lady who had worked there for a long time and I liked and respected her.  When I told her she said to me "I never thought you would have a baby.  You always seemed too selfish to have a baby".  I was totally taken aback.  The comment certainly took a little wind out of my sails.  To this day I think about that comment and try to figure out why she thought that.
    Other then that incident our news was met with great joy from everyone we shared the news with.  I loved every minute of being pregnant.  July seventh seemed a long way off but I discovered that each day was an adventure of change and preparations.
     Yes a baby changes everything, here it is 34 years later and it is very hard to believe that that tiny baby is all grown up.
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  1. I remember all those feelings, too!! And my oldest son is 30 and my younger son is 27!!


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