Merry Christmas From Ladybug Cottage

     This is my family tonight at the Christmas Eve program at Immanuel Lutheran.  It was wonderful to have our whole family together in church.
     It has been a busy time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It seems that the weeks have flown by.  We had the Christmas program at school, Cookies and Hot Chocolate with Santa which is a Cannon School tradition, and the day to day happenings in a grade school.  Sandy Hook really put what we do in perspective.  Not only do we teach our children every day but we would protect them to the end.

     Two weeks ago a sweet little red doxie was found wondering through a neighborhood in town.  A really kind man who works for our school district found him.  He put out an e-mail to the district that he was trying to find his home.  Unfortunately nobody came forward to claim him so he is staying at our house.  He is incredibility sweet and he is settling in well.  In a lot of ways he reminds me of our Mike.
That puts us up to five so we are going to see how it goes.  So far everyone is getting along really well.
     Roger and I hosted the Dahlenburg Christmas, It was a lot of fun and we had a good time visiting with every one.  Roger did a lot of the cooking and I did the decorating stuff.
        Here is the table set for 18 of us.  I realized after I took the picture that the scottie dog napkin holder is still on the table.  Rob made it in Cub Scouts about twenty years ago.  I suppose I should give it to him for his house but I am not ready to part with it.
  I think that Bodie and Autumn had the best time.  They are only a year apart in age and they played together pretty well.  Not sure whose foot that is.  I am going to have to practice my photo work.
    That's about all for this Christmas Eve.  I hope everyone in Blog lad has a wonderful Christmas
Ladybug Cottage


  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Merry Christmas, Suzan!!


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