Some Christmas pictures from the Cottage

Good Morning Blog friends,
     I found this picture and it made me think of Roger.  He would love to have a old truck!  He spends hours looking on ebay for just the right one.  He wants it for a parade truck, he would drive and Bodie would throw the candy to all of the little kids on the street.  Of course it would have Dahlenburg Construction on it for advertisement.  Actually that is not where this blog was going but I loved the picture.
    I haven't shared a lot of pictures of my home, but I thought I would show some of it to you while it is all decked out for Christmas.
     I am starting to get a collection of pictures of Bodie with Santa.  This year he actually sat on Santa's lap.  He does not connect the idea of Santa and presents, I am sure next year that will come.  The old ornament that is made from an egg is one that Roger made when he was in at least third grade because his name is written rather then printed. It is really precious to us and I hope it lasts to be handed down to the next generation.  The little dogs are Fritz and Floyd.  I didn't find any of that this year here in Danville.  Our shopping opportunities are pretty slim right now though.
     A few years ago we added a sun room to our house.  Before that this was the kitchen window.  It is a as great place to decorate.  This Christmas cactus was blooming beautifully about a month ago.  I have this grand plan to help this plant grow huge then give starts of it to my family.
     This is a little shelf in my dining room.  I love cardinals  (the birds we are Cub fans around here.  Wait till next year LOL).  The plates are from Wal-mart, the tea pot from Cracker Barrel, and the coffee cups from Walgreens.  As you can see I shop in varied places.  Does it seem that they are not making as many Christmas items for stores as they use to?
   My husband is a furniture builder along with building houses so I have a lot of really beautiful pieces that he has made.  This shelf sits on a small wall just before you enter my kitchen.  I decorated really simply this year, Mostly with red and green.  I love the little Santa boots.  Inside of them are tiny toy kitchen tools.  The nesting Santa's I got at our church bazaar for a dollar.  During the rest of the year this has a lot of chickens on it.
     This is my Christmas village.  As I look at this a fence has come down.  Must have been from all of the snow.  I have one building that represents each of  our occupations.  Couldn't find the school this year.  Maybe that says something.
     I hope you enjoyed the small tour of our Christmas decorations.  I did not go all out this year.  I have about thirty boxes(not really that many) in our barn.  Next year I intend to drag it all out and go over the top.  This year their were just to many obstacles that were overwhelming.
     I hope everyone in blog land had a wonderful Christmas!  Now I have to go put all of my pretties away and clean the house.  Its back to school on Wednesday.  But I will be on the true count down then!
Warm Christmas hugs
Ladybug Cottage


  1. That is a darling little truck. I would love one from the 1940s. Cherry red or a dark green. Hope all is well. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Suzan, I love that little truck, and your Christmas decorations are lovely. I like your Cardinal display, too. Thanks for the visit. You must have your hands full with four dachshunds! Can't imagine...but aren't they just wonderful?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Suzan, what lovely decorations and I just love that truck!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Hi Suzan, I loved seeing your Christmas decor. The truck has to be my favorite. Love the color and the little tree. I stopped at an antique store down the road from my house yesterday. She had a few vintage trucks. I glanced at the price. About died when I saw $179.00. Wow, I know that vintage toys are pricey but thought that was a bit high. I love birds so your Cardinal dishes are another favorite. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year!


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