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The Sewing Room

Last Summer I began making noises about wanting a sewing room.  At first I was willing to redo the garden shed and move out there.  That suggestion didn't meet with a lot of support because of the sheer
 amount of work that would be involved.  The next suggestion was the guest room, however that room was small.  So we looked around for ideas and came up with using the guest room, but Roger would make a Murphy bed.  Since this room is only used for a guest room about two nights every other year this was the perfect solution.  This is the top of the cutting table which I love.  I should be able to cut anything I need to out on it.  Yes I have my two girl friends here to watch over me.
This is the outside of the Murphy bed.  All of the wood is oak, I wanted everything to be as light as possible because the windows are pretty small.  Please note all of the pink things hanging on the handles.  These are for the princess when she arrives.
This is a bank of cabinets and drawers next to …